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  • Fighting Obesity For A Better HealthOpen or Close Logo

    Not Available - katrina.earthwell@gmail.com

    Being overweight can be caused by so many factors. Yes, genes can be a culprit, but the most common one is poor lifestyle choices.

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  • How does a blockchain application apply to movie theatre industry effectively?Open or Close Logo

    ANX INTERNATIONAL - karenso@anxintl.com


    Imagine you are running the movie theatre business and would like to get more cash in advance to strengthen cash flow, and to operate customer loyalty programme without high cost. 

    Here's a successful case study for movie theatre business in Hong Kong by applying the free blockchain platform "ANX Blockchain Services" (ABS).  ABS is a free cloud-based platform powered by ANX INTERNATIONAL which allows businesses to develop their own customisable branded digital assets, digital wallets, digital asset exchange platforms, loyalty programmes. 

    What are the limitations to movie theatre business?

    Steve, the CEO of a movie theatre company in Hong Kong, says "Traditional card payments normally cost the business a high handling fee and take long time to complete transactions." 

    In this case, Steve thought of switching payment methods in order to solve these issues using solutions such as pre-paid cards, coupons, or gift vouchers. However, these might have either higher costs or security issues. 

    How does "ANX Blockchain Services" solve Steve's concern?

    Create an online loyalty program system

    Customers sign up for accounts at Steve's portal.  Then, customers are allowed to buy customised digital assets -  “MOVICOIN” at cinema’s ticketing office, online platform or POS system and store these on their digital wallets.

    Ticket Purchase

    When customers want to purchase tickets on the platform (via website / mobile app/ ticket office), they can send the “MOVICOIN” by scanning the QR code for movie ticket redemption. It’s easy and quick for them to reserve a seat for a blockbuster.


    When customers buy refreshments at the cinema, they can pay by scanning the QR code address in a very simple way. This makes the purchase process fast and helps people flow management.

    How does  "ANX Blockchain Services"  benefit the movie theatre business?

    Customer Loyalty Programme

    The advantages of using ABS not only shortens queueing time for customers, but also help to speed up the purchasing process.  Additionally, ABS helps to reduce costs concerning manpower, payment transaction, and customer relationship management.  What’s more, by using the collected data , the theatre business can analyse its VIPs behaviour for better customer relationship management or develop promotional strategies. They can develop loyalty programs for customers by using own system. For example, when a customer spends $100 on tickets or snacks, customer can receive one “MOVICOIN” which can be exchanged for tickets or refreshments in return.  


    When the theatre business have built up a large membership database or when the business try to scale up its membership and loyalty programs, it can be costly using traditional methods since you need to print more coupon vouchers and membership cards to support the growth, install more POS hardware and upgrade your system to store more members’ details and transaction records. On the contrary, with ABS the business can scale up easily with no hardware or software installation needed, and reducing cost.

    To know more about ANX Blockchain Services, click here to view more or sign up for free to experience the blockchain technology. 

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  • Make The Bitcoin An Energy Efficient EntityOpen or Close Logo

    Srinivasan Raghunathan - srimansrini@gmail.com

    This article explores the exorbitant energy consumption caused by Bitcoin mining operation in detail.

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  • The Blockchain EraOpen or Close Logo

    Srinivasan Raghunathan - srimansrini@gmail.com

    The year 2017 can be easily labeled as the beginning of a Blockchain Era as so many startups and even established companies are queuing up to test their concepts, products and ideas in this space.

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  • How Online Marketing Can Help Strengthen Your BusinessOpen or Close Logo

    self - ronaldmccarthy7@gmail.com

    A businessman is pretty aware of the need of marketing for the establishment of his business because trading isn’t a profession of the current or the previous century. It’s an occupation adopted by humans ever since they learnt how to barter. 

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  • Instagram Will Indicate Stories From Individuals One Ought to Take after...Open or Close Logo

    nila - bloggertipsinfo@gmail.com

    Numerous reports recommend that Instagram may soon overhaul its "Investigate" area. As of late, it revealed the Stories highlight to contend with Snapchat. TechCrunch reported that a few clients will see Stories from various records that they can take after. The element is relied upon to take off soon for all clients later on. 

    New proposals can be seen on top of the screen, which will be separated by client inclinations. Clients can take after records that distribute Stories of their advantage. Instagram would utilize calculations to find out about interests of every client and give related Stories. 

    The most recent redesign could help Instagram keep pace with Snapchat, which has been driving the race with its own Snapchat Stories for quite a while. The new element by Instagram is to some degree like Snapchat's Included Stories and is not the slightest bit a one of a kind thought. In any case, with Instagram having more clients, it can give significantly more customized Stories, when contrasted with Snapchat. 

    Clients won't need to depend on their companions to see an intriguing story. With the new upgrade, their bolster will have content in view of their inclinations. This is like the progressions that Instagram's parent organization, Facebook, made with its Drifting Subjects Talk, where it is utilizing Manmade brainpower (AI) to decide slanting themes. 

    Instagram's Investigate segment keeps on picking up prominence and is as of now utilized by more than 100 million clients every day, which is around 33% of the aggregate day by day dynamic Facebook clients. At present, the informal community has 500 million month to month dynamic clients (MAU). On the off chance that the ubiquity keeps on developing at a similar pace, we may see another couple of million clients subscribe to the administration. 

    The Investigate tab was beforehand called Well known, as it just indicated most preferred and most remarked posts on Instagram. Be that as it may, once it got to be exhausting for clients, the Facebook-possessed application began to give more customized presents through Investigate on keep the clients locked in. With Stories, Instagram is good to go to get another help of clients in its Investigate area.

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  • Bitcoin Price Range for 2017Open or Close Logo

    NIla - bloggertipsinfo@gmail.com

    2017 will be upon us soon enough, so it ought to shock no one that numerous bitcoin specialists are looking ahead to the up and coming year. Given that bitcoin has worked in components to urge its cost to ascend after some time, and given the developing acknowledgment of both non-government coinage and advanced monetary standards, there are a lot of motivations to be hopeful. 

    Understanding the counter inflationary components of bitcoin is basic to comprehension its cost. Bitcoin's cost back in May tipped the scales at "just" about $450. In the keep running up to the new supply for mined squares being sliced down the middle bitcoin's value started to rise, softening the $750 increase mid June. Bitcoin's cost has declined a bit since, however is still about $600, far higher than it was not long ago. 

    The Bitcoin remunerate for mining won't be divided until early July in 2020. In any case, the bitcoin's cost will probably keep on trending up through 2017. This doesn't imply that bitcoin won't endure mishaps, however the general pattern line will probably point up through 2017. 

    Bitcoin Use Likely To Increase Dramatically in 2017 

    Juniper Research, a regarded inquire about firm, predicts that bitcoin exchanges will triple in 2017, achieving $92 billion dollars. Juniper takes note of a few elements that ought to empower the expanded appropriation of bitcoin in 2016 and through 2017, including the delicacy of the Chinese economy, the Brexit vote and on-going issues in Europe, including high unemployment and terrible open accounts, and various different issues. 

    As national governments proceed to battle and the worldwide economy is presented to high dangers, it's probable that an expanding number of individuals will look to bitcoin and other option coinage/ventures. Bitcoin has gone up against the mantle of a "place of refuge" speculation, because of the way that it is free from government obstruction, and that supply is constrained. Governments can build cash supply at essentially any impulse, along these lines diminishing the individual esteem coin units. Bitcoin's supply, then again, is as of now set and can't be changed. 

    In the event that the worldwide market develops more turbulent in the months ahead (which is very likely), individuals may begin dumping their customary monetary forms for bitcoin. This will prompt to expanded utilization of bitcoin, and as more individuals utilize the cash, interest for it will rise, and costs alongside it. 

    Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2017 

    Daniel Masters, a fellow benefactor at the multi-million dollar bitcoin fence stock investments, predicts that bitcoin will hit $4,400 before the end of 2017. Experts trusts that bitcoin selection will proceed to increment, and more organizations will acknowledge it as installment. This expanded reception will be pushed interests in blockchain innovation. 

    Alan Donohoe, the organizer of the Bitcoin Association of Ireland, made a more rational forecast recently, proposing that bitcoin will ascend to about the 800 pound check. This would put bitcoin up over the $1,000 USD stamp, a value point that bitcoin last drew nearer (and now and again broke) in 2013. 

    SpectroCoin CEO Vytautas Karalevicius contends that bitcoin exchanges will build 10 times. On the off chance that this ends up being precise, Karalevicius trusts that bitcoin will ascend to about $1800 to $1900. This depends on the relationship between's bitcoin turnover and value that we've for the most part observed in this way. 

    Investor Predicts $600 for 2016, Doubling in 2017 

    Toward the start of the year an examiner with Wedbush Securities, Gil Luria, anticipated a cost of about $600 in 2016. Starting right now, Luria's forecast is basically spot on as bitcoin has been drifting at about $600 dollars in the course of recent weeks. Luria trusts that bitcoin will keep on growing as an exchange medium, another expectation that to a great extent gives off an impression of being right. 

    For 2017 Luria predicts that bitcoin's cost will at the end of the day twofold. Truth be told, Luria trusts that bitcoin's cost will basically twofold as far as possible up until 2025, which would check an expansion of 4,500%! On the off chance that this forecast ends up being right, financial specialists could create enormous returns. 

    Three Factors That Could Spur Bitcoin Growth 

    Vinny Lingham, the CEO of Civic, predicts that bitcoin could hit $3,000 in 2017. Lingham's forecasts are particularly striking since he's bacome famous by being willing to state contrarian sees, and has precisely anticipated drops in bitcoin's cost. Presently, nonetheless, Lingham trusts that the rest of 2016 and 2017 will be great years for bitcoin. 

    Lingham's expectation boils down to three components. To start with, funding interests in bitcoin and blockchain innovation have now bested a billion dollars, and as more organizations contribute, utilize and acknowledgment of bitcoin will probably increment. Second, a "short crush" might frame as individuals who have shorted bitcoin might be compelled to purchase bitcoins to reimburse their short wagers. Third, bitcoin will keep on enjoying normal expansion because of its restricted supply. 

    Lingham likewise proposes that a weapons contest could breakout as governments choose to fire up bitcoin. In this way, most governments have shied far from bitcoin, yet as selection builds, they may get into the amusement. Go 

    An Important Caveat: Experts May Make Self Serving Predictions 

    A hefty portion of the forecasts made above are originating from individuals who make them serve interests, and would profit enormously if bitcoin all of a sudden expanded drastically. While huge numbers of the specialists might make legit expectations, we can't decide out that some may essentially be attempting to blow hot air into the market to warmth things up. 

    In some more extraordinary cases, "specialists" have anticipated that bitcoin could hit $35,000 or more sooner rather than later. This, be that as it may, appears to be improbable. By making such tremendous expectations, in any case, individuals can mix up the pot and possibly reinforce markets, all while guaranteeing that their name gets go around. 

    Breaking the $1,000 Dollar Mark Is Very Possible 

    Most specialists are foreseeing that bitcoin will soften $1,000 up 2017. This would imply that bitcoin's cost may very from where it is exchanging at right at this point. Such returns would show an exceptional measure of development. Such returns are likewise exceptionally conceivable. 

    There are a few key components having an effect on everything. To begin with, the worldwide economy is on dubious grounds, and bitcoin is a place of refuge money/resource. In the event that the worldwide economy hits a difficult time, which is extremely conceivable, then bitcoin and other place of refuge resources and monetary forms will appreciate a support. 

    Second, numerous legislatures, including Japan and the Eurozone, have been taking part in quantitative facilitating. This implies they are expanding their cash supply by making cash and purchasing up new resources. This expands swelling and urges individuals to put resources into things like bitcoin. 

    Third, an expanding number of organizations, and particularly retailers, are appreciating bitcoin. Others are additionally intriguing in blockchain innovation. As intrigue develops, appropriation will spread, and as more individuals utilize bitcoin, costs ought to increment. 

    So while $5,000 and different numbers are maybe a bit excessively hopeful, $1,000 appears to be exceptionally sensible. Also, if a noteworthy occasion unfolds, for example, a worldwide subsidence, or a noteworthy organization like Amazon declaring that it will acknowledge bitcoin, who knows those $5,000 dollar forecasts won't not look so exuberant all things considered.

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  • PANDAGOLD: A Newly Introduced Crypto Commodity that could become a National Currency for China and other Asian CountriesOpen or Close Logo

    PANDAGOLD - 4press123@gmail.com

    PANDAGOLD: A Newly Introduced Crypto Commodity that could become a National Currency for China and other Asian Countries

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  • VeriCoin and Verium: A digital currency and a reserve.Open or Close Logo

    VeriCoin - vericoin@vericoin.info

    A cryptocurrency is a decentralized transaction system that generally allows people to send currency to one another over the internet without the necessity of a reliable outsider such as a bank or financial institution. The transactions are economical, and in lots of circumstances, they are free. The implication of this is often done by everyone having an entire copy of all the transactions that have ever happened with Bitcoin. This produces a remarkably strong network, which implies that no one can change or reverse any of the transactions.

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  • Automated Forex Tools - Forex RobotsOpen or Close Logo

    Automated Forex Tools - totalmarkets1@yahoo.com

    Automated Forex Tools is specialized in developing Forex robots (expert advisors).

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